Six swirl shaped lemongrass and ginger wax melts with marigold botanicals on a circular slate.


Lemongrass & Ginger
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O, to be in Bali.

Close your eyes and be transported to the tranquil beauty of Paradise Island by this exotic and sensual scent. Imagine strolling through the lush landscape with the sun kissing your skin, enveloped in the zesty aroma of tangy lemongrass and spicy ginger root. As twlight falls, the earthy notes of patchouli and vetiver gently ground your senses bringing calm to this tropical escape.

Opening notes: lemongrass & grapefruit
Heart notes: ginger
Base notes: patchouli & vetiver

Price shown is for one melt. Our pick-and-mix boxes hold eight melts so simply choose any eight melts to go in your box (total £10).

Inspired by the world. Handmade by our family.

At Teelin, we've worked hard to create wax melts that are different from the rest. All of our wax melts are lovingly handmade in small batches by our family using only the finest cruelty-free and responsibly-sourced ingredients. We blend long-lasting fragrances with a sustainable coconut and rapeseed wax and specially-selected botanicals in an environmentally-friendly production process.

Place one wax melt in the dish of the wax burner and light a four-hour tealight beneath it. The heated wax will melt and release its fragrance into the room.

You can keep re-melting the wax until all of the fragrance has gone. Once the fragrance has gone, let the wax cool, then gently push it out of the burner with a spoon and dispose of it appropriately. 

During burning you may notice some white vapour rising from the melted pool of wax. This is normal, it is the fragrance oil evaporating and is not a concern.

Customer Reviews

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Products lovely and posted out fast, will definitely order again

Nicola Fountain
Great service

Thank you so much for my order. I first bought from you at Park Farm Christmas Market and loved your Bali wax melts, the house smelt beautiful. I kept your little box so I could purchase more. I absolutely love them the smell is amazing and last so long.
Also thank you for my little note that you took the time to write and put in my order.
Warmest Wishes
Nicola x

Graham Alexander
Lovely lemon grass scents

A great reminder of costal Bali and other countries, easy on the fragrance to achieve a lovely relaxing atmosphere


Gorgeous !!!

Elle Gedge

I use wax melts often and find that the smell isn’t always strong enough throughout the house. I cannot say that about Teelin wax melts! The smell is the perfect balance and leaves my house smelling gorgeous.

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