Four heart shaped rose and oud scented wax melts with peony botanicals sitting on a circular slate

Whisper From The East

Precious Oud & Damask Rose
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A scent rich in nuances inspired by travels in the distant East.

Be transported to ancient bazaars where the air is infused with soft Damask rose and delicate lotus blossom, their petals glistening in the soft light of dawn. Enter a realm where precious oud, revered as the 'Wood of the Gods', weaves a symphony of opulence and mystique, unveiling hidden treasures amidst timeless allure.

Opening notes: Damask rose, lotus blossom
Heart notes: tonka bean
Base notes: precious oud

Price shown is for one melt. Our pick-and-mix boxes hold eight melts so simply choose any eight melts to go in your box (total £10).

Inspired by the world. Handmade by our family.

At Teelin, we've worked hard to create wax melts that are different from the rest. All of our wax melts are lovingly handmade in small batches by our family using only the finest cruelty-free and responsibly-sourced ingredients. We blend long-lasting fragrances with a sustainable coconut and rapeseed wax and specially-selected botanicals in an environmentally-friendly production process.

Place one wax melt in the dish of the wax burner and light a four-hour tealight beneath it. The heated wax will melt and release its fragrance into the room.

You can keep re-melting the wax until all of the fragrance has gone. Once the fragrance has gone, let the wax cool, then gently push it out of the burner with a spoon and dispose of it appropriately. 

During burning you may notice some white vapour rising from the melted pool of wax. This is normal, it is the fragrance oil evaporating and is not a concern.

Customer Reviews

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Graham Alexander
Just what's needed to accompany an eastern meal among friends

Setting the scene for a great get together ? serving middle eastern foods, cant go wrong to enhance the olfactory scenes buy using this melt.

Selica Sevigny
Fabulous melts!

I am a second time buyer and tried a new scent this time. I first met Teelin at a fayre and tried two of their scents. Very happy with my latest purchase and i constantly receive compliments on how lovely my home smells. Thank you Teelin Team!

Great Quality & Scent

A Whisper from the East is my favourite Teelin fragrance. Lovely, subtle scent that fills my living room.

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