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Hawke's Bay

Rosewood & Oak
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Inspired by sunny afternoons in New Zealand's picturesque vineyards.

Picture yourself strolling amongst lush grapevines on your way to the tasting table as the scent of soft florals and warm earth rises to greet you. You savour your first sip as the woody aroma from the aged oak barrels draws a perfect day to a close.

Opening notes: grapevines
Heart notes: peony
Base notes: rosewood, oak

Price shown is for one melt. Our pick-and-mix boxes hold eight melts so simply choose any eight melts to go in your box (total £10).

Inspired by the world. Handmade by our family.

At Teelin, we've worked hard to create wax melts that are different from the rest. All of our wax melts are lovingly handmade in small batches by our family using only the finest cruelty-free and responsibly-sourced ingredients. We blend long-lasting fragrances with a sustainable coconut and rapeseed wax and specially-selected botanicals in an environmentally-friendly production process.

Place one wax melt in the dish of the wax burner and light a four-hour tealight beneath it. The heated wax will melt and release its fragrance into the room.

You can keep re-melting the wax until all of the fragrance has gone. Once the fragrance has gone, let the wax cool, then gently push it out of the burner with a spoon and dispose of it appropriately. 

During burning you may notice some white vapour rising from the melted pool of wax. This is normal, it is the fragrance oil evaporating and is not a concern.

Customer Reviews

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Another amazing scent

This new scent is perfectly balanced, slightly sweeter scent than the Ceylon blend we also received. Not overly so and balanced well with the woody undertones. We love this one for the evenings, it’s a relaxing calming scent

Another wow!

Another lovely wax melt created by the teelin team. Elegant, Fruity, delicate scents. I love lighting my wax melts when I have done my house work. It’s like a reward for all my hard work. Leaving my house smelling like a little retreat. Well done teelin team! Keep them coming ✨

Steph Gibson

A lovely fragrance with undertones of calming vanilla notes and fresh grapes, a very tranquil relaxing combination, a very sophisticated aroma that would suit everyone x

Dale Evans

I loved this aroma, one of my favourites, as a beauty therapist I treated all my clients to the wonderful smell too in the treatment room, from their reaction this wax melt will be in great demand!

Andrea Dewing

I recently received this as part of a marketing campaign and I was really impressed.

This wax melt isn't too floral and has the perfect sweet / smoky / woody aroma. I could definitely smell the different blends infusing together.

It is a sophisticated scent, definitely something I would buy as a gift as it is unisex and smells amazing!

The wax melt filled my whole house for approximately 3-4hrs and as always with Teelin melts I was blown away!

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