Blue box with eight botanical wax melts.

Favourites Collection

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Experience our Favourites collection: eight scents beloved by our customers. Discover why these best-sellers continue to captivate and enchant. 

Contains eight hand-poured botanical wax melts, one of each of the following scents:

Bali (Lemongrass & Ginger)

O, to be in Bali. Close your eyes and be transported to the tranquil beauty of Paradise Island by this exotic and sensual scent. Imagine strolling through the lush landscape with the sun kissing your skin, enveloped in the zesty aroma of tangy lemongrass and spicy ginger root. 

Black Pomegranate (Pomegranate & Patchouli)

Teelin's tribute to one of the world's favourite fragrances. Picture yourself in a grand garden where the luscious aroma of pomegranate and delicate rose petals intertwine seamlessly with rich patchouli and warm vanilla, creating a symphony of timeless elegance. 

Countryside Walks (Wildflowers & Bergamot)

Experience the essence of spring. Enjoy the crisp scents of blackberry and bergamot, earthy amber and patchouli, and delicate wildflowers. Reconnect with nature as each note of this fragrance narrates renewal and the simple pleasure of the British countryside.

Florence (Orange & Thyme)

Embark on a journey to Florence with our fragrance inspired by the Boboli Gardens. Enjoy citrus notes mingled with neroli, thyme, cypress and vetiver as this enchanting aroma captures the spirit of the Renaissance City of Lilies. 

Hawke's Bay (Rosewood & Oak)

Echoing sunny afternoons in New Zealand's picturesque vineyards. Walk among lush grapevines on your way to the tasting table as the scent of soft florals and warm earth rises to greet you. Savour your first sip as the woody aroma of the aged oak barrels draws a perfect day to a close.

Lime, Basil & Mandarin

A modern classic inspired by sun-kissed Mediterranean gardens. Refreshing and light, this fragrance blends zesty Sicilian lime and juicy mandarin with fresh herbal notes of peppery basil. A cool moss base with accents of vetiver adds depth, evoking memories of tranquil afternoons under the warm sun.

The Coast (Seasalt & Rockpools)

A fresh, marine scent reminiscent of Teelin Bay in County Donegal. Imagine blissful summer days by the coast, with the cool sea breeze washing over you amid the smell of seaweed and driftwood.

Whisper From The East (Precious Oud & Damask Rose)

A scent rich in nuances from travels in the distant East. Journey to ancient bazaars where the air is infused with soft Damask rose and delicate lotus blossom. Enter a realm where precious oud, revered as the 'Wood of the Gods', weaves a symphony of opulence and mystique.

Inspired by the world. Handmade by our family.

At Teelin, we've worked hard to create wax melts that are different from the rest. All of our wax melts are lovingly handmade in small batches by our family using only the finest cruelty-free and responsibly-sourced ingredients. We blend long-lasting fragrances with a sustainable coconut and rapeseed wax and specially-selected botanicals in an environmentally-friendly production process.

Place one wax melt in the dish of a wax burner and light a four-hour tealight beneath it. The heated wax will melt and release its fragrance into the room.

You can keep re-melting the wax until all of the fragrance has gone. Once the fragrance has gone, let the wax cool, then gently push it out of the burner with a spoon and dispose of it appropriately. 

During burning you may notice some white vapour rising from the melted pool of wax. This is normal, it is the fragrance oil evaporating and is not a concern.

Customer Reviews

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Angeline Garrow
Highly recommend

Beautiful scents which I can smell all through the home. Excellent customer service too. Highly recommend these home made wax melts.

Peter Gibson
Favourites collection

I received the favourites collection as a present and am so delighted with them all, they are gorgeous and would definitely recommend ❤️❤️❤️ x

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